Pest control problems can arise anywhere, even in our beloved homes. If a pest infestation should occur, it is essential that we do not ignore the problem and that we take affirmative action to resolve it. Pest nuisances can damage food, pose a risk of contamination and spreading of deceases as well as posing damage to our property. Expelapest will be on your side to advice and resolve your pest problems so you can reclaim your home and expel your unwanted guests, we will also advice and aid you in proofing your home to prevent future pest infestations from occurring and to give you peace of mind.  Firstly we shall gather evidence to identify the pest itself, and then we can take appropriate actions to eliminate accordingly.  All the materials we use comply with The Control of Regulations (COPR) 1986 (SI 1986/1510) ensuring the safety of non-target humans and animals.